• EFI Update Released for Many Mac Computers

    An update for several Mac computers including the early and late 2011 MacBook Pro, mid 2011 MacBook Air, mid 2011 Mac Mini, and early 2011 iMac has been released today to address some negligible issues plaguing the EFI software and improve the overall stability. Citing Apple, the updates are all highly recommended and improve the reliability of booting from the network, address an issue that can prevent HDCP authentication after a reboot, and resolve an issue with boot device selection when a USB storage device is hot-plugged.

    For the MacBook Pro, the EFI update is dubbed version 2.7 and is approximately 4.24MB in size. For the MacBook Air, the EFI update is dubbed version 2.4 and is approximately 4.06MB in size. The iMac version of the EFI update, dubbed 1.9, is roughly 3.77MB in size. Last but not least, the Mac Mini version of the EFI update, dubbed version 1.6 comes in at around 4.08MB. The update for all machines will necessitate a reboot after installation and download times will vary depending on internet speeds.

    To install the update, you can go to ->Software Update from the menu bar to search for and download the update automatically, or your can download the software package manually from this link and install it yourself.

    Sources: MacStories via 9to5Mac
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