• Apps Cost Roughly 2.5 Times More in Android Market Than App Store

    According to a study from research firm Canalys Android apps cost, on average, more than two times more than iPhone Apps.

    Canalys took the cost of purchasing the top 100 paid-for Apps in the App Store and the cost of the top 100 paid-for apps in the Android Market and compared them. The top 100 paid-for App Store apps cost $147 or an average of $1.47 an app and the top 100 paid-for Android Market apps cost $374.37 or $3.74 per app.

    Canalys claims the discrepancy is a result of Apple’s mature, walled-garden, allows in-app purchases and increases app price competitiveness. The Android Market has fewer people willing to pay for apps and as a result developers must charge more to break even or profit.

    The overlap between the two marketplaces is relatively low with only 19 apps appearing on both lists. However, when they do, the App Store versions are usually priced lower. Fortune uses the example of EA’s Monopoly costing $.99 in the App Store versus $4.99 in the Android Market.

    While Canayls draws these conclusions from the data provided in their study, the reasons behind price discrepancies between the two market places is likely attributed to more factors. The cost of development for each platform, Apples consistent updating policy, the fragmented nature of the Android user-base and a number of other factors likely influence prices. However, additional research is needed.

    Source: Fortune
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