• Five iPad 2 Features 'Leaked' in New Report

    While millions of holiday shoppers look for the best deals of the year on "Black Friday" today, many prospective iPad buyers have decided to hold off on their first generation tablet on the heels of more reports indicating that the iPad 2 will reach consumers in spring 2011 with a slate of sweet new features. This morning, DigiTimes (citing a report from the Chinese-language Economy Daily News) reveals that sources have "leaked" five new features of the new iPad 2.
    • Video phone
    • New display technology (Retina Display?)
    • 3-axis gyroscope (for gaming enhancements)
    • Better mobility
    • USB

    One of the most exciting potential developments would be the addition of a front facing to the iPad 2, bringing the full FaceTime experience to tablet users. Such a move would be "expected to benefit Apple iPad's webcam suppliers," DigiTimes reports. Additionally, the best we can tell is that the reference to "better mobility" suggests a sleeker, more slender model, likely sporting thinner glass, as the report notes. This development would be aided by the infusion of Apple's "Retina Display" technology, which would give the iPad viewing experience the same wow factor of the iPhone 4.

    Needless to say, there's nothing overtly shocking about these predicted new features of the second generation iPad. But, until now, we haven't been afforded the opportunity to hear directly from credible sources and media outlets that the added attributes we would expect and desire in a new iPad are actually on tap for the next tablet. Some, of course - especially those who already own an iPad - are hoping for "more," as it will likely take a substantial slate of new bells and whistles to convince a relatively new iPad owner to once against drop somewhere between $500 and $1000 for a second generation iPad within the next few months.

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