• Free iPad in Japan with Two-Year Contract

    If you live in Japan, a pretty sweet deal is coming your way on December 3. SoftBank Mobileís "iPad for everybody" promotion will soon be offering the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G for free with a two-year data plan. The plan will run •4725 ($56) a month and there is no monthly surcharge for the deal. Itís really like getting 24 months to pay for an iPad as long as you make your monthly payments. Over the two-year period youíll be shelling out approximately $1344. In the US, the price of an iPad and 2GB data plan would be $1229 over 24 months. The difference is $115, which isnít too bad of a deal compared to an average credit card interest rate.

    Starting Friday, I expect SoftBank will have a difficult time keeping iPadís in stock. Itís a very tempting offer especially considering the fact that itís the 3G model. Hopefully, this sort of deal will show up here in the US before too long. With the holidays right around the corner the timing couldnít be better.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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