• Digitimes' Report Claims Apple to Release Thinner MacBook Pros This Spring

    A number of odd reports surfaced today, most notably a 14” MacBook Air no one was asking for. But, Digitimes is claiming Apple is expected to launch new thinner MacBook Pros.

    The report is inconsistent with the debut time frame (it states both April “at the soonest” and “expected” in April) but, it does claim the update will include thinner 13” and 15” MacBook Pro models. The report makes no mention of the 17” MBP, perhaps indicating Apple will again have a tiered release like the late 2008 early 2009 MBP updates.

    The initial availability is estimated to be 900,000 units, and Digitimes claims delays in Intel’s ability to mass produce their new Ivy Bridge chips could give Apple an advantage over its ultrabook competitors. Intel hasn’t officially address the timeline for its next generation quad-core desktop or mobile processors, but history suggests Apple could benefit from special treatment from Intel and receive Ivy Bridge processors early.

    Rumors of a potential switch to AMD processors for the MBA indicate Apple’s patience with Intel is wearing thin, but Intel is still the most reliable traditional chip producer around. Hopefully April showers bring some Ivy Bridge power this spring.

    Source: Digitimes [via MacRumors]
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