• Chinese Police Confiscate Warehouses Full of Apple Branded Stove-Tops

    Introducing the iPhone Stove....

    There is no shortage Apple product piracy. They've even shutdown copycat Apple Stores around the world. Now you can add Apple iPhone branded gas stoves to the list.

    Yes, gas stoves, complete with an Apple logo followed by “iphone.” An elegant green apple color scheme rounds out atrocious excuse of a gas stove. State police at Wuhan seized two warehouse of the Apple-branded stoves after discovering they were in fact not real Apple products.

    Altogether 681 gas stoves—that didn’t even come with protection against flame-outs—were seized. I suppose the “Apple China Limited” compliance label attached to each box was convincing enough. Or maybe authorities assumed Apple decided to reinvent the kitchen one appliance at a time, starting with the stove-top.

    *Thanks to SkyDiverX for the tip!*

    Source: micgadget
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