• Mirror Your A5 Device Through AirPlay On Your Mac With Reflection App

    Reflection is a new application for Mac allowing you to use AirPlay to mirror the display your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S screen on your Macís screen. It will not work with the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, or original iPad. Reflection will set you back $14.99 to snag a single license or $49.99 to snag five licenses and includes a ten-minute (wow could you spare a little fun?) free trial, both of which can be downloaded from this link. Unfortunately, there is no Windows version. Reflection will run on Mac OS X 10.6 or newer and has Mac OS X Lion full-screen capabilities built in to keep distractions to a minimum and retain focus on the iDevice display.

    The image above shows an iPad 2 being mirrored on a Mac using Reflection. It has a huge appearance with the frame of the original iPad to give it an eye-candy look. It would have looked better to give it an iPad 2 frame, but they chose to use the original iPad frame for whatever reason. The frame effect can be enabled or disabled at your leisure through the menu bar options. Below is an example of an iPhone 4S being mirrored without any frames and displaying in full-screen mode:

    This AirPlay functionality makes Reflection a great way to play games on iOS through the big screen of your personal computer. Of course, this may be more convenient for anyone with a family that gets annoyed by someone dominating their family television. Relfection, using AirPlay, doesnít provide you with any kind of remote control features from your Mac to your iDevice, but merely allows for you to see the iDevice display on the computer. This means that it isnít a VNC substitute and you have to control the iDevice to see any changes on your Mac's display.

    Reflection is impressive from its first glance, but we are excited to see if it gets any better. It could do with more accurate frame images and while in full-screen mode it would even be cool to see the iDeviceís screen go edge-to-edge on the Mac instead of the appearance of it floating in the middle.

    Sources: Cult of Mac, Reflection
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