• Munster Says Apple HDTV Will Rival Smartphone in Consumer Popularity

    On the same day that Steve Wozniak danced around the topic of Apple possibly debuting an HDTV at some point in the future, Piper Jaffray’s prominent analyst Gene Munster says that not only is the TV coming, it's going to make the biggest splash in consumer electronics since the smartphone.

    Despite the immediate hype surrounding the iPad 3's debut next week, "the big picture" is all about the Apple HDTV, Munster says. Speaking with Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt, Munster is standing by his sources and insight, which suggest that the presently-unconfirmed product will debut this year, possibly with widespread consumer availability by fall.

    Munster appears more than just excited about the product, he seems to be in love with it. In terms of the TV's design, Munster says it will “will look different” from what we're used to in the flat-screen TV market. “Imagine just a sheet of glass – no edges or bevels,” Munster says.

    In terms of bold predictions, Munster has no shortage of those either when it comes to the so-called iTV. "It’s going to live up to some of the building hype," Munster expects. "It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone."

    Source: Bloomberg Radio (audio link)
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