• Square Turns iPad into Mobile Cash Register

    Square, one of the original mobile payments pioneers, is touting its latest offering for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and merchants of every variety: "Square Register," which is compatible with iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.

    Released today, the application in question easily transforms the iPad into a point-of-sale system for merchant transactions. Similar to how Square's other mobile payment platform turns the iPhone into a portable mechanism for taking sales, the new iPad version is exponentially more exciting to users in light of the device's larger screen and advanced features.

    In case you're wondering, this is more than just a simple credit card reader. The free platform (2.75% fee per transaction applies) lets users accept plastic and cash for payment, process fast checkouts with "easy tipping," review interactive web analytics, and text, email and print receipts for customers.

    As the platform's promotional video details, Square Register really takes full advantage of the iPad in no shortage of significant ways. Although processing payments is of chief concern to merchants, it should be noted that users can even input into the application the names, photo, and other relevant data about regular store customers for quick identification - something that would allow cashiers to more promptly and personally interact with customers.

    To learn more about Square Register, check out the video below.

    Source: Square
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    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      That's pretty cool.
    1. lorderick70's Avatar
      lorderick70 -
      I wonder where they got the stand from?
    1. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
      s0ulp1xel -
      Quote Originally Posted by lorderick70 View Post
      I wonder where they got the stand from?
      does it come with it?, but I still have the same question.
    1. Norbury's Avatar
      Norbury -
      Does it do chip and pin? I haven't used the mag strip on the back of a card for about three or four years. Won't take off on this side of the pond without that.
    1. Jacobh4's Avatar
      Jacobh4 -
      I used one of those yesterday!
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      Pretty sure this is the Elago P2 stand. BUT just google ipad stand or search on Amazon and you will be amazed how many stands there are!!

      Oh BTW I use the Square app every day on either my iphone or ipad! I am going to check out this new app for sure!
    1. nicrfe's Avatar
      nicrfe -
      I use square for my tax business. I have for over a year.
    1. Jollyware's Avatar
      Jollyware -
      I need something like this in the UK
    1. bobsco's Avatar
      bobsco -
      This looks great but I can see a few issues. They need to make a new square that reads the chip. Also a question of security when all of the customers info is sitting in someone's iPad. How secure is it after all? Other than that, I think it's awesome. Only available in the US though.
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