• New Honeycomb-Powered Tablet To Take on iPad

    On Monday, Google’s Andy Rubin gave the world a glimpse at a forthcoming Motorola tablet that appears to have excited both consumers and market analysts more than most other iPad competitors thus far - amazing, considering how little we know about it.

    Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android mobile-software unit, turned up at the All Things Digital: Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco to demonstrate a "prototype tablet" powered by another forthcoming version of Android called Honeycomb that is said to be "optimized" to run on tablet devices.

    Rubin says the Motorola tablet will ship in 2011. Based on appearance and very little commentary from Rubin (see video from yesterday above), we know the black tablet sports a decent-sized screen, a built-in camera, video chat capabilities, a dual core 3D processor, and a conceivable assortment of other cool features that we will have to wait to learn about. “With the tablet," Rubin said, "we’re in the middle of one of those hockey sticks of evolution."

    Rubin, while visibly confident in the soon-to-launch tablet, didn't take the ripe opportunity to blast Apple or others angling for prominence in the tablet space. Instead, Rubin actually offered complimentary words for Apple, including its App Store. “They’re pretty open,” Rubin said (with a straight face, in fact). “The App Store approval process is actually working pretty well.” RIM was another target of praise for Rubin, noting that both Apple and Research in Motion are "doing all the right things to fill in all the right pieces to keep up with the hyper-competitive market."

    The Wall Street Journal
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