• Apple Updates Apple TV With 1080p Capabilities, Still $99, Available Next Week

    It looks like the lack of Apple TV units did in fact signal Cupertinoís intentions to update the small streaming television box that could.

    The updated Apple TV can push out 1080p, and is even smaller than before and probably small enough that mid-sized dogs might mistake it for a very functional and expensive chew-toy. The box will support movies streaming in 1080p as well as sport an overhauled 1080p user-interface.

    Not a huge update, and definitely not an Apple television set, but a welcome addition, especially for those sick of 720p images, and not wanting to plunk down the money for a Blu-ray player. The price hasn't changed and is still a paltry $99. You can pick up the new Apple TV next week.

    Source: Engadget Apple Live Blog
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