• Apple Unleashes iOS 5.1

    [WARNING: Jailbreakers should NOT upgrade to iOS 5.1 until a corresponding jailbreak is released)

    In what amounted to the first formal announcement at Apple's media event today, Tim Cook revealed that iOS 5.1 (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) is now available for OTA download.

    In addition to addressing bugs affecting battery life, the 189MB update delivers a number of significant tweaks and improvements. Most notably, there's voice dictation support for the iPad, an updated Camera app, and the ability to delete photos from Photo Stream.

    All told, here's what iOS 5.1 delivers:

    - Japanese language support for Siri (availability may be limited during initial rollout)
    - Photos can now be deleted from Photo Stream
    - Camera shortcut now always visible on Lock Screen for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (4th generation)
    - Camera face detection now highlights all detected faces
    - Redesigned Camera app for iPad
    - Genius Mixes and Genius playlists for iTunes Match subscribers
    - Audio for TV programs and films on iPad optimized to sound louder and clearer
    - Podcast controls for playback speed and a 30-second rewind for iPad
    - Addresses bugs affecting battery life
    - Fixes and issue that occasionally caused audio to drop for outgoing calls

    Source: Apple
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    1. twisted-pixel's Avatar
      twisted-pixel -
      Nothing worth upgrading for even if I didn't have a jailbreak!!
    1. namwollem's Avatar
      namwollem -
      One thing I have noticed is the weird appearance of my Weather icon on Springboard since upgrading to iOS5.1. A red badge which permanently shows 7degrees. Attachment 572523 Anyone else seen this? Any ideas? Can't get rid of it!
    1. ehren88888's Avatar
      ehren88888 -
      No way man, need my jailbreak to avoid blackouts on NHL GameCenter and MLB.TV which I have payed alot for so I can keep cable away.
    1. Lesgrayson's Avatar
      Lesgrayson -
      Quote Originally Posted by Amadomon View Post
      Nope-- I'm with you.
      Me too. Very satisfied w/batt.
    1. EVO's Avatar
      EVO -
      anyone see this yet????
      Attachment 573443

      i0n1c shows his ipad running CYDIA on iOS 5.1

      man i hope he's in the works for something truly fabolous!!!!

      or maybe its tethered
    1. Sosa90's Avatar
      Sosa90 -
      The battery life is fine, and I'm glad that Apple does very good device's quality it's so important while having so many options.
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Quote Originally Posted by 6thDAY View Post
      anyone see this yet????
      Attachment 573443

      i0n1c shows his ipad running CYDIA on iOS 5.1

      man i hope he's in the works for something truly fabolous!!!!

      or maybe its tethered
      I won't update to 5.1 even if this jailbreak is untethered. There's nothing good for iPod users in this update so it'll be a waste of time IMO
    1. samyy22's Avatar
      samyy22 -
      i have decided that jb tethered as opposed to not untethered is huge and imo not worth it shlda kept 5.0.1
    1. sunny hathaway's Avatar
      sunny hathaway -
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    1. vishae's Avatar
      vishae -
      I have an iPhone 4 that lost all sound after I upgraded to iOS 5.1. It still plays music, but there's no ringtone when there's a call and no "clicky" sound when I type. The volume button and the mute button has stopped working.

      I took it to Genius bar, and the geniuses there told me that it's a hardware issue and suggested that I pay more money to get a new handset. There was no "hardware issue" while I was on iOS 5.01, so I'm not handing over money for something that was obviously a software issue!
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