• Leaked Photos Surface of Suspected iPad 2 Case

    'Tis the season of iPad 2 rumors, as evidenced by what could very well be the first visual "leak" pertaining to the second generation iPad, widely expected to hit the market during the first quarter of 2011. The top secret sneak peak in question comes from the folks at iLounge who have presented photographic materials that look an awful lot like iPad cases - but not for the current models.

    What we have here are iPad cases clearly outfitted for a rear-facing camera - a brand new addition to the Apple tablet. Near the bottom of the case you have ample space allotted for the speaker (where it's currently located on the first-gen iPad). But accompanying the speaker at the rear of the next-gen iPad could also be a place to put an SD card - another rampant rumor trailing the forthcoming iPad 2.

    Apart from what can be visually gleaned from such a tiny glimpse at a potentially dubious iPad 2 case, it's a safe bet that many of the features we expect to see on the next iPad (FaceTime chat capabilities, USB port, Retina Display, etc.) have a great chance at turning up on the refreshed tablet. Otherwise, there could be very little incentive for Apple fans to replace their first-gen iPad so quickly or ignore competing tablets in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

    On Tuesday, DigiTimes reported that the iPad 2 will ship as soon as the end of February 2011, with initial shipments estimated to reach 400,000-600,000 units.

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