• MacLegion: $800 Worth of Mac Apps for Just $49.99!

    If you’re a Mac OS X user and you love awesome sales, then MacLegion is having a Spring bundle sale you will not want to miss! The sale comprises of about $800 worth of Mac applications, which you can pick up for just $49.99 from their Web site. Not only that, but the first 5,000 people to take MacLegion up on this offer will get a bonus application, Clinch ($7), for free added to the mix. The pricing comes in at almost 95% off – are you interested yet?

    The promotional bundle includes all of the following applications:
    App Tamer $14.95
    Billings Pro $199.00
    Cinch (If one of first 5,000 buyers) $7.00
    Circus Ponies Notebook $49.95
    GarageSale $39.99
    Home Inventory $14.99
    Hydra Pro $99.99
    Kinemac $299.00
    MoneyWell $49.99
    My Living Desktop $29.95
    WhatSize $12.99

    The sale has about eight days left to go before it ends and then this sale will be gone forever. The applications are all focused on bringing all kinds of flavor to the Mac for all kinds of computer users. All of the applications are best-selling applications and have quality functionality and user interfaces. While it’s likely no one will ever find a use for every single one of these applications, the wide variety gives you enough wiggle room to consider the $49.99 price tag.

    MacLegion has a guarantee stating that after you purchase an application from one of their bundles, you will be able to update it for free with full developer support in the future as they have worked with the application developers to bring you this deal – meaning after you buy the bundle, you won’t be stuck with outdated software when an update is released for any of the bundled applications and you will have full customer support rights just like you would if you had paid full price for the applications.

    Some of these applications (not all of them) are also featured in the Mac App Store, however you won't get them as cheap there as you will from MacLegion. Quality applications, quality pricing, and quality support. Get it while it's hot!

    Sources: MacLegion via Cult of Mac
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