• iTunes Store May Be Expanding to New Asian Countries

    With Apple becoming a bigger global force than ever, it should come as no surprise that reports have surfaced which indicate that the iTunes store may soon be available in a number of additional Asian countries.

    It was reported Tuesday that the long list of countries referenced in iTunes (available under "Parental Preferences") just got a little bit longer.

    Our friends at Apple Insider discovered that updated list in version 10.6, which suggests that the iTunes Store may expand into new territories across Asia. Among the new nations referenced are Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea.

    With the iTunes store presently not available in those particular nations, some are interpreting their listing in the parental controls section as a solid indicator that iTunes music and movies may soon be more widely available across the continent.

    At least once per fiscal quarter, Apple announces an expanded slate of nations where its products, services, or software are now available. By all accounts, look for the next round to be heavily focused on Asia.

    Source: AppleInsider
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