• Firefox 11 Released

    Originally supposed to be delayed for a little while longer, Mozilla's Firefox 11 has made its way out to the public today. The highly popular browser is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The update isnít entirely impressive, however it brings us some stuff Firefox 10 didnít have.

    Firefox 11 now comes with the ability to migrate your bookmarks, browsing cookies, and Web page histories from Googleís popular Web browser, Google Chrome. We can also synchronize add-ons between all of our computers using Firefox 11. Other improvements will make Web developers happy, including a CSS style editor and three-dimensional Web page view. If you are a user of Growl 1.3, Firefox 11 should now have working Growl notifications. The whole Firefox 11 change log can be read here.

    In the past, Firefox updates have managed to break Javascript and cause compatibility issues with many necessary add-ons. The new Firefox 11 does not appear to break any popular add-ons like some other unfortunate updates have Ė this is good news for anyone relying on specific add-ons for school or work or if youíre just a regular Firefox user enjoying the freedom of open-source browsing.

    To download the new Firefox, you can simply launch the ĎAboutí menu of Firefox and the download will begin automatically and further prompt you for installation. Alternatively, you can use the download links below and install the update manually:

    Sources: Mozilla
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