• Report Says Apple Stealthily Hiring Staff for Israel R&D Center

    As MMi reported late last year, Apple's interest in Anobit, a flash memory company based in Israel, hinted at a large investment of cash, resources, and talent by Apple in the Middle East. And today, we're learning even more about this ongoing development.

    A newspaper out of the Middle East says that Anobit, which was acquired by Apple in late 2011, is hiring at a rampant pace. And that's good for Apple, which has designs on doing some major production at the Israel-based facilities in the coming months.

    Apple is supposedly going to ramp up production of memory devices in one portion of the plant, while another expansive wing will probably develop Apple's A-series chip components, which will ultimately end up in iPads and iPhones.

    For more than three months, we've heard that Apple paid upwards of a half-billion for Anobit. Although Apple would only confirm the acquisition and not how much it coughed up, Anobit is going to play a significant role in Apple's production process in the years to come.

    In addition to the cost-saving effects of having Anobit's resources and talents in the Apple family, the production facility in Israel is widely anticipated to help boost the total product output of iDevices by making key components cheaper and easier to come by.

    Source: Calcalist (via Techie-Buzz)
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