• Is This The Beginning of The End for The MacBook Pro?

    There is substantial talk this week of Apple possibly discontinuing the MacBook Pro later this spring as speculation about a new - and larger - 15-inch MacBook Air reaches a fever pitch.

    This week, a source close to Mac accessory production leaked information at the CU Exposed show. He maintains that Apple is poised to introduce its refreshed MacBook Air in April. The unnamed source went on to say only that the notebook wouldn't differ greatly from other MacBook Air models. It would deliver ports on both sides and, according to the source, no optical drive or Ethernet port.

    "To that end," Electricpig reports, "our source’s company’s got its manufacturers on standby to be able to make and ship a new product lineup inside of 90 days."

    A lot of this makes sense. Apple’s been trying to phase out the optical disc drive for a while now, with the help of iCloud, the Mac App Store and the continued use of the phrase ‘post-PC’. Get rid of that and – aside from screen estate – the MacBook Pro really won’t stand to offer much in the way of a USP in the coming years. That’s especially so if the Airs get suitably more powerful.
    The vendor at the center of this rumor believes that the MacBook Pro - as we presently know it - will be phased out for the "average customer." Apple could, however, still retain the "pro" name, but only for use with the grandaddy of all models - Apple's beautiful 17-inch monstrosity.

    Source: Electricpig, Apple Insider
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