• PhatPad Brings Newton-like Handwriting Recognition to the iPad

    PhatWare has just released PhatPad 1.0 ($4.99) for the iPad. PhatPad lets you take handwritten notes and converts them into editable text. You can also draw simple shapes such as squares and circles, and PhatPad will convert them into perfect shapes. With so many note-taking apps available in the App Store today, itís rare to find one that stands out in any significant way. PhatPad offers people an attractive alternative to the iPadís standard keyboard.

    PhatPad is quite polished especially for a 1.0 version. This is not too surprising, however, considering the fact that PhatWare has been making handwriting recognition, digital ink and note taking software for years now. PhatPadís spotlight feature may be its handwriting recognition, but there are other intriguing features as well.

    The ability to import pictures from the camera roll and take notes on top of them can be quite useful at times. Imagine loading a map image, then quickly drawing directions over the map by hand and emailing it out to a group of friends, all within a single app. Documents can also be saved as PDFís and AirPrint is supported as well. Another nice feature that Iím happy to say more developers are incorporating into their apps is Dropbox synchronization.

    Back in the 1990ís when Apple released the Newton MessagePad, the accuracy of its handwriting recognition was less than perfect. This type of software has had a rocky past, but it's good to see there are still developers interested in the technology. iOS devices have been designed with multi-touch screens and writing notes by hand can be easier at times than using the on-screen keyboard.

    As the iOS continues to evolve, I am constantly impressed with what developers continue to come up with. PhatPad will surely find its way onto many iPads now that it has been released. Hopefully, PhatPad will also make its way onto the iPhone and iPod Touch, in the near future. Then Iíll really feel like Iíve got a twenty-first century Newton MessagePad, well maybe not.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t55Y6M-hriQ&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - PhatPad For iPad Demo/Tutorial[/ame]

    Source: TUAW
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