• Apple TV Teardown Reveals Single-Core A5 Processor and More RAM

    The new Apple TV didnít quite get the server-crashing amount of attention the iPad 3 did during its iFixit teardown, but an XBMC forum member's teardown produced some interesting findings.

    The Apple TV utilizes a a simple single-core A5 system on a chip processor. The chip comes complete with the familiar A5 stamp, but lacks the dual-core power of the chips found in Appleís iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The chip in the teardown was also manufactured during the seventh week in 2012.

    The upgraded processor is accompanied by an increase in RAM from 256 MB to a 512 MB Hynix chip. As far as on board storage the new Apple TV houses a meager 8GB of Toshiba flash memory, the same as the previous model. However, Apple intends for consumers to use the device as a streaming-video solution, accounting for the small allotment. Also, the lack of storage indicates Apple likely doesnít plan on opening up the Apple TV to developers like its iOS brethren. The new Apple TV includes a second antenna compared to the older model, but not much is known about how the device is actually utilizing this additional antenna.

    Hopefully with the release of the rumored Apple HDTV, a proper Apple TV App Store or compatible apps will eventually be realized. The current Apple TV Jailbreak is fun, but with a limited amount of space, itís functionality is greatly inhibited. If and when the Apple HDTV comes out, my mind can only scratch the surface of the jailbreak possibilities.

    Source: MacRumors
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