• Apple Will Finally Reveal Plans Regarding Their Cash Hoard Monday Morning

    Finally, something for the financial sector to speculate on regarding Apple's "next announcement." I was getting sick of us tech-guys pulling all the "speculation" weight.

    In a simple press release issued tonight Apple announced at 9 a.m. EST Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer will reveal how the company plans to use their $97.6 billion cash hoard. The amount of cash is enough to give every share-holder a one time dividend of $100.

    The reward for shareholders is obvious, money in their pockets, but the reward for Apple is just as lucrative. Currently many “value oriented” funds aren’t allowed to buy stocks that don’t issue dividends. If apple decides to institute a more modest reoccurring dividend (like many analysts have predicted) that means Apple’s shares will be available to a wider range of funds and large investors. But, the downside is Apple can no longer use the lack of a dividend to keep the per-share price of Apple stock down and prevent over-valuation.

    Apple’s tradition of announcing announcements plays well as it increases the level of hype, and the speculation about what the announcement could possibly entail. While financials aren’t nearly as exciting as an Apple HDTV, tomorrow's announcement could have a far greater impact on the future of Apple than any single device tucked away in the depths of Cupertino.

    Source: The Huffington Post
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