• Skyfire for iPad Now Includes Social Networking

    Skyfire for iPad is now available in iTunes ($4.99). The iPhone version was released back in November and it sold so well that developers had to remove it from the App Store temporarily. Developers underestimated the demand for Flash video on the iPhone and users soon overwhelmed the Skyfire servers. These issues were soon worked out, however, and Skyfire has been a huge success ever since.

    Skyfire is a full-featured web browser, but its biggest claim to fame is its ability to play Flash movies. Flash is probably never going to be released for the iOS and many websites still only stream their videos using Flash. Hulu is one such website and unfortunately, they still block Skyfire. Apple continues to push HTML5 and many websites now offer videos in both formats.

    Skyfire for iPad is not just a rehash of the iPhone version. It is a full update that includes many user requested features. The biggest new feature for this version is undoubtedly its social networking integration. Skyfire now supports Facebook and Twitter with dedicated buttons on the lower menu bar. Using Facebook QuickView you can keep “your Facebook page loaded in the cloud for easy, one touch access to your news feed, profile, friends, inbox, events and places.” There is even a dedicated “like” button that allows you to “like” or “unlike” any page on the internet. Now, you can keep the whole world apprised of your web browsing habits. Twitter QuickView also lets you keep up with all of your Twitter feeds, without needing to leave the browser.

    This version of Skyfire for iPad seems to take all of the best features from previous versions and adds new ones that most people will find useful. With the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter support and the ability to watch many Flash based videos that were previously unavailable on the iOS, Skyfire is a worthy alternative to Apple’s mobile Safari. I wouldn’t hold your breath though, if you’re still waiting for Hulu support.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMx0k2KPy8A&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Skyfire for iPad - Demo Video[/ame]

    Source: MacRumors
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