• Slimmer 2011 iPad Gets Dual Cameras, Bigger Speaker?

    Just in time for Christmas, Santa has brought us some new rumors about the iPad 2G, or - as I suspect it will be called - simply the 2011 iPad. The details are subtle enough to be believable: as opposed to rumors that it will have a Retina Display, or will make the owner invisible or convey immortality, these reports merely describe an iPad in a slimmer case, with both front and rear facing cameras and something called a "wide-ranged speaker unit."

    According to a report in the Japanese MACお宝鑑定団 blog (MacOtakara) "an anonymous Chinese source" claims that the next-generation iPad will be just slightly smaller than the current one, with a height of 239mm and a width of 186mm as opposed to 243 by 190 mm. The display itself will be the same size, addressing complaints by some users that the black border around the screen is too wide. Also, the back case will be flat "like an iPod touch," rather than tapered like the first generation model.

    The source is also asserting that leaked photos that show an opening in the lower right of the rear panel is neither a USB connector nor a SD card slot, but rather a "large, wide-ranged speaker unit covered with metal mesh," which would allow for improved sound out of the device. MacOkatara apparently has less confidence in the report that the 2011 iPad will have two cameras: one in the front for FaceTime and a 5-megapixel rear camera like the iPhone's. Finally, the ambient light sensor is now just 3mm wide and is located on the top center of the case back. Everything else is reportedly the same, including the location of the WiFi and 3G antennas at the top of the device.

    According to MacOkatara, the production lines have already been spinning up for the 2011 iPad, with a ship date targeted for mid to late January.

    Source: AppleInsider
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