• Western Digital Prices My Book Thunderbolt Duo Storage Systems

    Western Digital finally announced pricing and availability for their My Book Thunderbolt Duo storage systems.

    The My Book Thunderbolt Duo systems first announced at Macworld 2012 contain two hard drives in a RAID configuration (0,1, JBOD options) within a single enclosure allowing for storage capacities up to 6TB. The systems can be daisy chained together via Thunderbolt (two ports on each enclosure) to create a single blazing fast logical drive. The drives are user-serviceable too, which means you can upgrade the hard-drives if you need more speed or capacity or swap out defective drives without sacrificing the entire enclosure.

    However, the new Thunderbolt capable My Book Duos demand a $200 premium over non-Thunderbolt options. The pricing for the 4TB enclosure is $599.99, and the 6TB enclosure is $699.99 and both are available now online. While the price premium does seem a little steep, the potential performance increase by daisy chaining a few of these drives together is incredible, especially compared to business solutions that can cost somewhere in the realm of $10,000 for similar setups.

    These drives wont replace enterprise and business server solutions, but for performance hungry independent video editors and producers, the benefit of having a high performance raid-array for under $3,000 isnt too shabby. Still, as the number of Thunderbolt capable accessories (especially storage solutions) increases prices will hopefully begin to reflect the competition in the marketplace.

    Source: MacRumors
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