• Microsoft Forbids Employees From Using Company Funds to Buy Apple Products

    Microsoft is reportedly restricting employees from purchasing Apple products with company funds.

    According to an internal email Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet got her hands on Microsoft's Sales, Marketing, Services, IT and Operations Group (SMSG) are now banned from purchasing Apple products of any kind with company funds.

    Within SMSG we are putting in place a new policy that says that Apple products (Mac & iPad) should not be purchased with company funds.

    In the US we will be turning off the Apple products from the Zones Catalog next week, which is the standard purchasing mechanism for these products.

    Outside of the US ó we will work with your finance and procurement teams to send the right message and put the right processes in place.
    Microsoft's chief financial officer of SMSG, Alain Crozier, sent the email three days before the new iPad launched. The policy makes sense, but, Microsoft does maintain a Mac development team. Although, I assume they donít fall under the same scrutiny as those employed in the SMSG. But, SMSG does include roughly 40,000 employees of Microsoftís worldwide work force equating to roughly 45% of those employed. So it is a significant amount of Microsoft employees, especially those who deal with potential customers. definitely not a good look if your sales team is pitching your products using Apple's products.

    The practice isnít new (they already prohibit expensing BlackBerries and iPhones), and likely wonít prevent those really wanting Apple products from purchasing them. And honestly, with how well Windows 8 is turning out, they might in fact be happy Microsoft provides employees with Windows-based mobile phones.

    Source: ZDNet [via MacRumors]
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