• WSJ: iPad 4G LTE is a 'Speed Trap'

    If you haven't yet personally tinkered with a new iPad and its 4G LTE connectivity, you are probably unaware of just how blazing fast the third-generation tablet streams video and performs in general when connected. When Apple said the tablet delivers speeds 10x faster than what we experienced on 3G, the tech giant wasn't fibbing.

    And that's all fine and good... except for how quickly users are now capable of blowing past their data caps. According to the Wall Street Journal today, the new iPad is nothing short of a veritable "speed trap." Just look at the example of Brandon Wells, a young man who acquired his new iPad last Friday and by Saturday night, streaming March Madness games "had burned through his monthly wireless data allotment of two gigabytes."

    "It's kind of a Catch-22," Wells admits to the venerable financial publication. "It streams really fast video, but by streaming really fast video you tend to watch more video, and that's not always best."

    Of course, it didn't take the WSJ to tell us that which we have already come to realize. The new iPad is going to be very costly to the data hogs of the tablet world. And as a result, pressure could mount on wireless carriers to do something about it, specifically by revising their pricing models.

    Source: WSJ
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    1. MBISTYD's Avatar
      MBISTYD -
      If you want the truth...here it is. At&t does not care about their customers. At&t cares about taking their customers money.
    1. ernestdefoe's Avatar
      ernestdefoe -
      Quote Originally Posted by MBISTYD View Post
      If you want the truth...here it is. At&t does not care about their customers. At&t cares about taking their customers money.
      You got that right.
    1. daytonaviolet's Avatar
      daytonaviolet -
      AT&T Unlimited Data Plans FS eBay

      i'm some what confused after reading this on ebay. but some folks are selling there unlimited data plans? i thought grandfathered unlimited data plans were gonna get throttled down when they exceed 3GB?

      take a look at these links..
    1. formfactor's Avatar
      formfactor -
      Quote Originally Posted by GenesisDH View Post
      Actually, AT&T dropped the ball long before the iPhone. I had a PDA plan on a WM device (with unlimited data) for at a year prior to the iPhone's release. Many of at&t's non-touchscreen PDA/smartphones were already cheap (Samsung BJ1 was under 200 on contract in late 2006!), but the iPhone only tipped the scales a bit more towards touchscreen devices. Now requiring said plan was probably a bigger mistake IMHO, since that certainly gave people a false sense of entitlement with the nature of the word 'unlimited.'

      Mobile data use was already expected to skyrocket before the first iPhone debuted, just due to smartphones, Blackberry, feature phones with video streaming, and Laptop tethering/USB sticks started becoming commonplace.

      That said, I wasn't shocked that unlimited plans are being punished. Just pray AT&T doesn't kill your entire plan out of the blue like they did with old ATTWS mMode or Dobson customers (under the guise of migrating customers to newer, cheap devices).
      Wm ui was a clunk of ****. As was Symbian, and anything else. Those devices were downloading text, and tiny graphics. What apple did was spearheaded the development of the mobile ui... Then android, and mobile web standards like html5. It brought broadband hungry mobile interfaces to the masses.
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