• New iPad's Retina Display Requires 30% More Power Than Previous Models

    It's so blue... New iPad on the right.

    The new iPad has an enormous clown-car sized battery. Many have speculated the new display is to blame (not too big a leap of faith), but a new study pins down the exact reason for the display’s increased power draw.

    Display blog dot color conducted a series of tests and concluded the new iPad’s Retina Display uses a series of advanced filters to improve color reproduction of the new display, which forced Apple to increase the output of the backlight LED’s to maintain a level of brightness on par with previous iPads.

    According to the study there a couple ways to improve an LCD’s range of color. One way involves upping the LED backlight, and the other involves implementing better filters. Apple decided to do both, resulting a better representation the primary colors of the display (red, blue, and green).

    Apple’s increase in filter quality used in the new Retina Display more accurately represented the previously mentioned primary colors, but at the same time let far less light from the backlight passed through creating a dimmer image. The result is purer blues than before, but to achieve the desired results Apple’s display eats up as much a 30% more power than before.

    As long as Apple can keep achieving some sort of lithium-ion alchemy inside of their devices to up the feature set without sacrificing battery life the complaints will be few. But, Apple should also include the proper powering cables so they can charge the new massive batteries in their improved mobile electronics.

    Source: dot color [via Apple Insider]
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    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Sounds like a good quality product.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      No wonder this damn thing generates so much heat. Gotta keep that retina power gobbler well fed.

      Makes me think twice about embracing a potential MacBook with a retina screen even bigger than this one.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      10 days later, news headline: Woman's ipad burns hole in couch
    1. dennder's Avatar
      dennder -
      4x pixel density, better filters, upped LED backlight and just 1.3x power consumption in comparison with the previous model.
      Am i the only one who sees a damn good improvement? :no idea:
    1. Stryker1's Avatar
      Stryker1 -
      Well based on the results that very few could even GUESS which was iPad2 versus iPad3 by looking at the pics on the screen when both were presented side by side playing same video I would say their is no improvement on the screen side...at least not what the eye can discern. So basically 4x pixel density with better filters means squat!! Wifi is crap and it overheats. What more is there to say? Has a faster processor? My iPad2 was never slow to begin with and works just fine as is with all the apps. Basically, the improvement is only in your head thats why you don't see ppl jumping for joy on the improvement cuz there is none to write home about. I will stick with my iPad2.

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