• Apple CEO Cooking Up Big Business During Surprise Visit to China

    Apple didn't announce that its CEO would be heading to China anytime soon, but there's photographic evidence to prove he's already there.

    According to reports published Monday out of the far east, Tim Cook turned up at the Joy City Apple Store in Beijing this morning. Although it would have been relatively humorous had Cook accidentally wandered into a fake Apple store, we understand he found his way to the right place.

    But as far as anyone can tell, Cook wasn't in China to discuss retail. Instead, the focus of the trip is said to be all about the wireless carriers in the nation. As Apple looks to rapidly expand the availability, accessibility, and affordability of Apple products in China, doing business with the power players in mobile in the world's most populous mobile community is, arguably, priority number 1 for Apple on the world stage today.

    Roughly one year ago, Cook was among the Apple executives spotted in China to meet with Chine Mobile, the world's biggest mobile operator. Since that time, Apple's relationship with the Chinese has improved tremendously and its clear from the latest evidence that the nascent business partnerships taking root are growing at a tremendous pace.

    Source: TechNode
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