• New Mac App Flutter, Control Music With the Camera

    Flutter is a new application for Mac OS X allowing you to control your iTunes or Spotify music applications (play and pause the music) with a gesture, which is recognized by the iSight or FaceTime camera above the screen. To use Flutter, you simply raise your hand in front of the camera while Flutter is enabled to play the music or to pause the music. It takes a little under a second to be recognized and it recognizes your hand anywhere from one to six feet away.

    You might be wondering whether Flutter would affect your battery life or not since it requires the camera to be on to be used. Well, since you can enable and disable Flutter from a Menu Bar button whenever you are or arenít listening to music, you have full control over how much battery power it gets to use. Flutter wonít use any extra battery power when you have it disabled because the camera wonít be watching for your hand.

    The mouse, trackpad, and keyboard are great navigation tools, however citing 9to5Mac, Apple is already experimenting with 3D gestures for controlling machines. Flutter is a free, third party example of how 3D gestures can be used to control our computers in the near future. The functionality is certainly enough to make you feel like a Jedi while using your computer.

    Flutter is currently in its Alpha stages. We arenít sure yet if the company plans to add more cool gestures to Flutter and make it a paid product, however this kind of control for applications would be pretty cool and could blow any possibility of Siri for Mac out of water being that itís still a quiet way to control the computer without the need for extraneous accessories like a mouse or keyboard. It could be moot considering it may not work too great in low-light conditions. For its alpha stages, it appears to work exceptionally well. Hopefully they consider adding support for more music applications in the future.

    If you're a Mac user, you can download Flutter Alpha for free from this link if you want to give it a try.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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