• Steve Jobs Posthumously Awarded High Honor from Cupertino Chamber of Commerce

    Over the weekend, Steve Jobs was honored at home.

    In a touching ceremony sponsored by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, the iconic Apple co-founder who passed away at age 56 last October following a prolonged battle with cancer, was posthumously given the prestigious "President's Award."

    Michael Foulkes, Apple's senior manager for state and local government affairs, was on hand to tearfully receive the award in place of Jobs. “We all miss him so much here, but, he believed that technology was a mental bicycle and that's all it was; nothing more, nothing less," he said. "It should make each of us be better than we are. He always followed that and the company still follows that, and hopefully will follow it for generations to come."

    Hitting home in Cupertino, Foulkes stressed how it was Jobs who personally oversaw and authorized the design of the stunning new campus Apple will enjoy in the near future.

    "Steve designed this campus as a product," Foulkes admitted. "You'll be very excited as it comes to fruition. It's something that is an engineering marvel that will rival any building on the planet and something that Steve, up till the end made sure was going to be a lasting legacy for Cupertino of Apple. So thank you in Steve's honor for this award."

    Video from last weekend's banquet can be viewed here.

    Source: PaloAltoPatch
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