• iTunes 10.6.1 Released

    Apple’s iOS syncing and media providing software giant, iTunes, sees an update to version 10.6.1 today as a result of some fixed glitches and performance improvements. The update is available for both Windows and Mac OS X through Apple Software Update and includes all of the following improvements:

    • Fixes problem that may cause iTunes to crash when playing videos
    • Fixes problem that may cause iTunes to crash when changing artwork size in grid view
    • Fixes problem that may cause iTunes to crash when syncing photographs to iOS devices
    • Fixes problem that causes VoiceOver or WindowsEyes to incorrectly describe interface elements
    • Fixes a problem that causes iTunes to stop responding when syncing an iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle
    • Fixes a problem with browsing your library's TV Episodes from your Apple TV

    The update has been deemed jailbreak safe, so nothing bad will happen to your iOS devices that are jailbroken when you sync them to iTunes. No new features have been introduced besides the performance improvements.

    To update iTunes on a Windows computer, launch the start menu and open, “Apple Software Update” to search for updates. To Update iTunes on a Mac, simply reach up to the  on the Menu Bar and then open Software Update. The update will be found automatically. Depending on your internet speeds, download time will vary – the update comes in at about 65MB.

    Alternatively, click here to download and install iTunes manually.
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