• Apple Allegedly Planning to Construct its Biggest Retail Store to Date

    Apple is apparently putting the wheels in motion on the company's largest retail store yet. And, perhaps not surprisingly, it will be in China.

    On site reports today from M.I.C. gadget say that the new store will be located in the main Century City shopping district of Dalian, China. Promotional content found at the site speaks of the store being the "world's biggest."

    As a result of the gargantuan nature of the supposed forthcoming Apple store, a calamity started unfolding as the first steps toward construction were initiated this week.

    ...Due to competition in shopping centres, another shopping center called Dalian Department Store is jealous of Parkland Mall for having an Apple Store. So, the Dalian Department Store sent its security team to push down the Apple Store posters outside the Parkland Mall.

    According to today's report, Apple has employed a dedicated team of ten security guards just to protect the posters - yes, just the posters. Consequently, opposing security forces and no shortage of other interested parties in the general vicinity have been at odds since the posters went up.

    For now, they're staying up. But if the signage causes this much of a raucous in Dalian, just image what will happen once the store itself opens.

    Source: M.I.C. gadget
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