• Tim Cook's Approval Rating – Better Than Steve Jobs?

    As Steve Jobs took leave from his office, he left with a bang as he held a 95% approval rating from his employees after his final year according to Glassdoor, an organization that polls employees anonymously to get their take on their company leader. We expected that Tim Cook wouldn’t do as well as Steve Jobs did as a CEO for Apple – in fact, many were quick to say he couldn’t meet Steve Jobs’ standards and Apple would collapse because of it.

    Realistically, Apple is standing tall and proud. Tim Cook has been building credibility for Apple for recent months and Apple’s stock has skyrocketed and continues to increase to new heights despite some declining days. Apple has also had some very successful product launches under Tim Cook's reign, such as the new iPad and the iPhone 4S. He has been making all the right decisions thus far.

    Tim Cook’s CEO approval rating has surpassed that of Steve Jobs – he is now up to 97% and is currently the world’s highest approved CEO for any company; not just technology companies, but imagine any company you can think of and Tim Cook has surpassed their CEO in approval.

    Tim Cook is setting the bar high for competition, but the big question is, “Can he keep it that way?” As time follows, Tim Cook’s abilities to innovate on his own will be truly challenged, but we think he will do well as he learned from the best.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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