• Australia Green Lights iOS for Sensitive Government Business

    Australians may have a problem with Apple's allegedly false claims regarding the iPad's 4G potential down under, but the Australian government has no problems with iOS when it comes to dealing with sensitive government information.

    According to the Sydney Daily Herald, acting director of the Defense Signals Directorate (DSD), Mike Burgess, said Friday that devices running iOS 5 have been authorized to handle secret information up to "Protected Level."

    "Embracing new technologies, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, provides government with a genuine opportunity to conduct its business more efficiently," he said. "However, the threat of government information being stolen or compromised is also very real."

    But as it turns out, iOS 5 is pretty secure. And for that reason, it passed with flying colors an evaluation using a "stringent and intensive security assessment" to prove itself to be up to the Australian Government's strict security requirements.

    So the land down under is now full of spies, operatives, and other high-ranking government personnel using iPads and iPhones to communicate classified information.

    No word yet on whether kangaroos use FaceTime to communicate with their little ones in the pouch. MMi will keep you posted.

    Source: Sydney Daily Herald
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