• Foxconn Cuts Work Hours for Employees Leaving Workers Worried

    Factory workers at Apple’s supplier, Foxconn, reportedly seem worried after it had been announced that their hours will be cut after audits were conducted on the facilities. Workers are worried that they might not be able to make enough money to support their families.

    The supplier announced on Thursday that it would reduce employee working hours to 49 hours per week including overtime. The change was one that was made in response to violations found by the Fair Labor Association, which audited Foxconn’s facilities at the request of Apple.

    The FLA issued its report on Thursday revealing that it had discovered excess working times along wih various code violations at three of the Foxconn factories that were investigated. Each audit reviewed 3,000 staff hours and over 35,000 workers in total. Although the move seems like it would help solve the situation, employees are concerned that their wages will also be cut along with their hours. Working less overtime is assumed to equate to earning less money. A worker from Hunan, Chen Yamei, says that employees were told that they “can only work a maximum of 36 hours a month of overtime,” which she and many others feel is too little.

    The audit came to fruition after Apple opted to join the association in January, making it the first technology company to do so. Factory conditions have become an increasingly popular issue in the media as Tim Cook himself even visited a Foxconn iPhone plant during his recent trip to China.

    Source: Reuters
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