• Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Biopic, and No This Isn't a Late April Fools Post

    Honestly though, how much do these two look alike? And Steve Jobs looks like a living, breathing, Guy Fawkes mask...

    Looks like Ashton Kutcher and his wave of destruction knows no bounds. Variety is claiming Kutcher will play Steve Jobs in an upcoming bipoic.

    Huge disclaimer here: This is not the same Sony backed, Aaron Sorkin penned biopic that most associate with Jobs movie rumors. This is a separate “indie” biopic entitled “Jobs.” Still, Variety claims this is true, and not some horrible attempt at an April Fools joke.

    According to Variety Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”) will direct a script penned by Matt Whiteley and Five Star Institute’s Mark Hulme is financing the production. The production is scheduled to begin in May while Kutcher has down time from Two and A Half Men.

    The script will reportedly chronicle Steve Jobs life from “wayward hippie” to “co-founder” of Apple. Sounds like this story may hone its focus on a certain section of Jobs life instead of basing itself on the expansive Walter Isaacson penned biography.

    Ashton Kutcher. As Steve Jobs. It only makes sense that the greatest actor in modern cinema would represent a visionary like Steve Jobs.

    Source: Variety
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