• Understaffed Apple Stores Feeling The Pressure of Popularity

    Need a job? There's a good chance that there will be more than a few openings at a local Apple retail store in the near future. Either that, or Apple will continue to allow its current retail workforce to labor well past the brink of exhaustion.

    According to a new report published Monday by IFOAppleStore, the iDevice maker is dramatically changing weekend work requirements. And the move could force a lot of workers out of a job. You see, Apple is allegedly increasing the mandatory minimum hours for part-timers.

    The changes seem to have substantial benefits for Apple, but few for its employees, and could result in many resignations from employees who are unable to comply with the new requirements.
    The report adds that even veteran full-time employees won't be spared from the new reality of retail pressures facing Apple. Longtime staffers "will face increased stress with a revision of the existing weekend work requirements."

    As it turns out, full time employees, as of today, are required to work one weekend day every week. For the time being, Friday isn't considered a weekend day. But it soon will be. And workers will have to work two of those three days, meaning many Apple staffers will either have to agree to work on Saturday AND Sunday or potentially risk losing their jobs.

    It remains to be seen if Apple will begin a hiring boom to offset the pressure or if the company will simply invest more heavily in squeezing the most out of its current labor force.

    Source: IFOAppleStore
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