• 98% of New iPad Buyers Are 'Satisfied' with Their Purchase

    This is what you would call an overwhelming majority.

    According to the findings of the latest ChangeWave Research survey, not a single survey participant said they were "very unsatisfied" with their new iPad purchase. Only 2% claimed to be "somewhat satisfied." What about the remaining 98% you ask. They are all satisfied, with 82% saying they are "very satisfied."

    All told, that's a pretty resounding stamp of approval for the third-generation iPad.

    ChangeWave finds that, by a wide margin of 75%, the high-resolution Retina display is what new iPad owners are enjoying most about their purchase. Others (22%) said the long battery life is much appreciated. The same goes for 4G LTE capability (21%) and the faster processor (20%).

    Although most new iPad owners apparently don't have much to gripe about, among the few items of contention on their list is the cost of the actual iPad and, not surprisingly, the corresponding cost of the wireless data plan.

    In case you're wondering, a scant 4% of new iPad owners think the issue of excessive heat (that is, how hot the iPad gets during operation) is "Somewhat of a Problem." No respondents said its a "Very Big Problem."

    Source: ChangeWave Research
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    1. nicrfe's Avatar
      nicrfe -
      How many people did they survey?
    1. CCNPJediHacker's Avatar
      CCNPJediHacker -
      It took me 10 iPad returns to get one that wasn't piss yellow... Now I'm very happy yes
    1. Lukerclodhopper's Avatar
      Lukerclodhopper -
      Quote Originally Posted by nicrfe View Post
      How many people did they survey?
      The site says 200. Seems like a terribly small sample to draw from.
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by article View Post

      "While the consumer publication considered this to be "very warm," they said it wasn't especially uncomfortable if held for brief periods and they didn't consider it to be a safety concern."
      Oh that's nice.....you can't operate your brand new iPad that you spent your hard-earned money on for as long as you intended because they are recommending that you only hold it for "brief periods" of time when it is excessively warm.

      If something is that hot that you can only hold it for a brief period of time before it becomes too uncomfortable....on a device that according to Apple is a "gaming system"/media player/web browser/music player...and is designed to be operated for extended periods of time......then there is a significant problem at work.
    1. Retribution1337's Avatar
      Retribution1337 -
      Only 2% claimed to be "somewhat satisfied."
      #correction :P
    1. xacoffeemx's Avatar
      xacoffeemx -
      Quote Originally Posted by Retribution1337 View Post
      Only 2% claimed to be "somewhat satisfied."
      #correction :P
      Only 2% claimed to be "somewhat unsatisfied."

    1. ikesmasher's Avatar
      ikesmasher -
      cause every average user needs a quad core GPU and a super high res, higher res than most TVs and monitors, screen.
      Especially with iOS.
      Yea right.
      More likely than not they bought them cause they were new and have no reason to complain.
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