• Ashton Kutcher feels Steve Jobs' Role Was "Meant for Him"

    Producer Mark Hulme of Five Star Feature Films said that Ashton Kutcher (who has been chosen to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming film) believes that this role was “meant for him.” According to Hulme, “he is already meeting with folks that knew Jobs.” Furthermore, “he’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects.”

    The popular actor seems to have “loved” the script and rumor has it that he wants to prove everyone that the role is perfect for him. It was revealed previously that an independent film was being worked on, with the focus of portraying Job’s growth from a “wayward hippie” to a successful entrepreneur. The role is a bit different from what Kutcher typically plays but he seems determined to succeed.

    Some information regarding the movie was reaffirmed by The Daily, which noted the story would start in 1971 with the initial partnership of Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It will focus in detail on the early years of Apple, move into the recruiting of former Apple CEO John Sculley, then transition into Jobs making his triumphant return after being fired from the company.

    Accordig to Hulme, the project is going to be “award-worthy.” We’ll have to wait if Kutcher can portray Jobs accurately and see if the movie turns out to be as moving and inspirational as the story of Steve Jobs really is.

    Source: The Daily
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