• Flashback Trojan Reportedly Infected Roughly 600,000 Macs Worldwide

    Roughly 600,000 Macs around the world have been infected with a trojan horse virus named “Flashback” that surfaced last year and is believed to have created a botnet. The Russian antivirus company named Dr. Web issued a report recently noting that 550,000 computers running on mac OS X had been infected by BackDoor.Flashback variants of the virus.

    An analyst of the company update the figure to note that the size of the botnet had reached 600,000 and pointed out that 274 bots are originating from Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, California. According to a map released by the firm, 56.6% of the infected computers are located in the United States. Canada was second with 19.8% followed by the U.K. with 12.8% of cases.

    Apple recently released a Java Security update to resolve the vulnerabilities that the virus was exploiting, but unfortunately the virus had managed to infect a number of Mac users with the malicious software. Oracle first issued a fix for the vulnerability in February, which not too many people were able to utilize either.

    The Flashback Trojan was first publicized in October with variants of the software even found disabling anti-malware protections within OS X. Researchers at F-Secure have provided instructions on how you can detect and remove the malware from your computer for those of you who are suspicious of being infected.

    Source: Dr.Web, F-Secure
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