• Is Best Buy Getting Ready for the iPad 2?

    An image thought to be from Best Buyís inventor database is fueling rumors that the retail giant is getting ready for the latest iPad model. Anticipation for the iPad 2 is already at a fevered pitch and the release date may not be until April, if Apple keeps to its usual yearly schedule. Nevertheless, leaked images such as these are always an intriguing find.

    While these pictures may be nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of some inventory associate, the fact that there are only three iPad models listed, is quite interesting. Two of the iPad models are listed at the same price point. Is Apple planning a price increase, or do these prices, point to something else altogether? The models listed here may just turn out to be the Verizon iPad with Mi-Fi Hotspot bundle, but I hope that isnít the case. I guess weíll just have to be patient a little bit longer to find out.

    With so much speculation surrounding the iPad 2, will Apple be able to meet peopleís high expectations for the latest model? Probably. Over the last few years, Apple has elevated hype to an art form and they have become grand masters of the craft. If Apple is as productive as last year, itíll be another year to remember. Letís just hope the weather warms up before anyone starts lining up outside of the Apple Store.

    Source: SlashGear
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