• Price of Apple's Shares Surpasses that of Google's

    Apple’s share price closed today above $633, which makes the company’s share just a bit more expensive than Google’s. The market cap is now over $590 billion though, which is nearly three times larger than that of Google’s.

    With both competing tech giants now having nearly identical stock prices, it is important to note that Apple’s stock has appreciated roughly 160% over the last two years, compared to the 12% gain Google has realized over the same period of time. The market cap for the Cupertino California company is so high, that the combined valuations of AMD, Dell, Google, HP, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, and RIM still don’t add up to that of Apple’s.

    If you were to look at Apple’s market cap five years ago, you would see that it was just $75.8 billion, which helps bring into perspective the massive effect that iOS devices have played in building the company’s revenue. It isn’t much of a surprise as each iOS device has caused a large impact on the respective industry it targets (ie. iPhone – smartphone, iPad – tablets, iPod Touch – mp3 players). Furthermore, many analysts are predicting that the price will only go up further as time goes on and it seems to be the case once the company releases their branded television set, rumored to be called the "iPanel".

    Source: Google Finance (1) (2)
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