• iCloud Now Pulling Content from Universal Pictures

    In what amounts to another major step forward for Apple's iCloud platform, the Mac maker has struck a deal with Universal Pictures that will allow users to re-download movies through the iCloud service after having first purchased them via iTunes.

    With this latest development, only one major Hollywood film and television studio remains not attached to the iCloud service and that would be Fox. But as of this writing, sources close to the situation say negotiations continue between Apple and Fox to reach a deal at some point soon.

    All told, it's been a pretty consequential few months for iCloud, which was originally created for the re-downloading of music, apps, and eBooks. Now the service is in hot demand as a means for re-downloading feature films and television shows at no additional cost.

    As users grow increasingly more frustrated when their purchased content can be delivered to other iOS devices through iCloud, Apple is no doubt stepping on the gas to reach amicable arrangements with the power-players controlling digital rights to thousands of popular movies and TV shows.

    Source: Engadget
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