• First Itunes 11 Details Emerge

    9to5Mac is reporting today that Apple has started seeding the next major release of iTunes, iTunes 11.

    The new version of iTunes according to 9to5Mac’s sources will focus on “under-the-hood” changes and perhaps a few minor cosmetic alterations as well. However, aside from the minor user-interface changes, the major updates include compatibility with iOS 6 and improved iCloud integration.

    It’s nice to know Apple is future proofing their iTunes updates through iOS 6 (whenever that comes out), but the inclusion of an iCloud dedicated settings panel within iTunes is something that should have been released alongside iCloud last year. The panel will of reportedly include features such as iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, and iOS device backups.

    Also, 9to5Mac claims that Apples acquisition of company Chomp earlier this year to help with the iTunes Store and App Store revamp will be realized by this summer or early fall. According to 9to5Mac’s sources the Chomp team may have been fully integrated into an Apple team that “specifically exists” to improve content discovery in the iTunes application and the online store.

    Bring on the changes. In the meantime stare at the lone screenshot of iTunes 11.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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