• iPad 3 to feature Retina Display?

    This has been a hot topic of discussion, as the iPad 2 should be coming shortly, and many of us are wondering if there will be an upgraded screen resolution. PC World has been reporting on the topic and says that IDC analyst, Tom Mainelli, commented that Apple will indeed bring Retina displays to the iPad, but not until about 2012, meaning that this would be possibly for the 3rd Generation iPad and not the iPad 2.

    "I think the Digitimes story probably got the resolution right, but the iPad version wrong," Mainelli told PCWorld via e-mail. "Our sources say Apple has requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with that resolution for the iPad 3."
    "I don't believe anybody is ready to produce that resolution in volumes at this point. And Apple is going to require huge volumes for the iPad 2," he added.
    With all the fuss and buzz over a retina display iPad, there are tons of factors that have to be taken in, especially compatibility with current apps and the transition that would have to occur in order to maintain a good reason for getting an Retina display iPad.

    For now, it looks like nothing new until the iPad 3. Keep your eyes peeled tho, as nothing is for sure just yet. It is understood that the iPad 2 might feature a dual-core graphics chip capable of playing 1080p HD videos, including the ability to have a high-resolution Retina display, so you never really know until its official.

    Source: iPad 2 Won't Have 2048 by 1536 Resolution--But iPad 3 Might - PCWorld
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