• Apple Denies Working with French Designer on 'Revolutionary' Product

    Usually when Apple tries to immediately shoot down something out of the rumor mill it means that the rumor in question may be closer to reality than Apple wants us to realize.

    As MMi reported moments ago, Apple is on the verge of releasing a "revolutionary product." Or so says famous French designer Phillippe Starck, who claims to be in possession of knowledge about major developments at the company. Starck even claims to have met personally with Steve Jobs on numerous occasions before the iconic Apple chief passed away last October.

    All Things D has just obtained a comment from Apple and the company firmly denies working on anything with the Frenchman. Although the rep for Apple wouldn't specifically speak to the so-called "revolutionary" product Starck mentioned, she has a hunch about where this speculation comes from.

    Prior to his death, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working with Starck on a yacht. And this is very likely the “fairly, if not very, revolutionary” project he was talking about.
    So, to be clear, it doesn't look like Apple will be releasing the "iYacht" this year after all. And that's unfortunate for those of us who would have really enjoyed a nice luxury iOS-powered boat.

    Source: All Things D
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