• Tim Cook Spotted at Valve Headquarters

    According to Apple Insider Tim Cook visited the headquarters of Valve. Yes, Gordon Freeman and Steam digital distribution Valve.

    While the purpose of Cook’s visit is unknown, visiting Valve’s HQ holds more significance than a simple phone call. Other sites and writers have jumped to the conclusion Apple and Valve could be collaborating on something but, this is undoubtedly an unfounded rush to judgement. While it would make sense that a game distribution giant like Valve and App distribution behemoth like Apple would want to talk, the possibility of Apple and Valve working together in other ways is enticing.

    Valve could be picking Apple’s brain in terms of hardware to accompany the Steam platform. Rumors have surfaced claiming Valve wants to offer its own Steam related hardware, and recent job postings asking for hardware engineers appear to confirm such goals. But, again this is unfounded speculation.

    But, one can only wish that perhaps Apple and Valve might be collaborating in terms of iOS and Mac game awesomeness.

    Please let this mean something.

    Source: Apple Insider [via MacRumors]
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