• Apple Kills Free Trials for iWork and Aperture

    Apple appears to have stopped supporting free trial software for iWork (Keynote, Numbers, and Pages) and Aperture from their Web site. The iWork software is almost equivalent to Microsoft Office in many respects and Aperture allows you to perform some beautiful photo editing on your photographs. The iWork applications will set a buyer back $19.99 apiece and Aperture will set a buyer back $79.99.

    Instead of Apple proudly handing out free copies of their software for a limited period of time from the software section of their site, the banner now explains that the software can be bought from the Mac App Store, ultimately stating that although you can’t try it for free anymore, you can still buy it to try it – sounds great right…?

    The news illustrates how Apple is leading all software into the Mac App Store and making it less tangible over the Internet. For competing software like Microsoft Office, this is good news as the software can still be bought on store shelves and online, which will likely gain the most users not only for the freedom to grab it outside of the Mac App Store, but also because of the huge mark it has made in the IT industry.

    With the upcoming operating system for Mac computers, OS X Mountain Lion, a new software known as Gatekeeper will try to make it so you can have the option to lock down software downloads to the Mac App Store only – probably going hand in hand with Apple’s decision to remove the free trials from their Web site. This will, however, increase your security as you won’t download and install rouge software on your Mac.

    Sources: MacStories
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