• Apple Stock Drops $25.10 Per Share - Biggest Percentage Drop Since October

    Although Apple’s share price is still high for the year, the company seems to be seeing a downward trend over the last week, falling from a 52 week high of $644 per share to close at $580. Today’s drop amounted to a loss of $25.10 per share, which appears to be its largest single point drop.

    For those of you who weren’t aware, the company’s stock increased from $411 at the beginning of January, surging due to the news of the company’s spectacular winter quarter sales. Current reports are attributing the drop to rumors initiated by BTIG research analyst, Walter Piecyk, who went against the grain last week in issuing a downgrade on the company due to fears of mobile carriers refusing to pay top subsidies to carry the iPhone. Piecyk wrote that mobile carriers have “offered a generous upgrade policies including some that enabled a fully subsidized phone upgrade only a year in to a two year contract.” He did warn that he expects the policies to change as the faster upgrade arte of smartphones compared to legacy feature phones has been a costly surprise to both post-paid and pre-paid operators alike.

    Due to the news, Piecyk predicted a worldwide drop in Apple’s iPhone sales of 27.5 million units in the company’s third fiscal quarter, which would result “in a revenue estimate that is $1 billion below consensus.” The analysis did continue to say that the “thesis will not be supported in the current quarter as the pent up demand in China and the launch of the iPhone in 30 additional markets is likely to drive strong sales that will offset the sequential declines in other markets."

    Carriers have made changes to boost their short term profits after paying Apple industry leading subsidies and guaranteeing minimum iPhone sales with prepaid blocks of orders. Verizon Wireless recently instituted a new $30 fee for upgrading, a move that appears to recapture profits from its existing Android users who want to upgrade an iPhone.

    It isn’t anything new to see some analysts predicting that Apple isn’t valued as high as the majority had been predicting but we’ll have to continue to monitor events to see how the company does in the stock market.

    Source: BTIG Research, Google Finance (AAPL)
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