• ModulR iPad Case Has Something for Everyone

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    ModulR is a unique iPad case that has an array of accessories to fit just about any lifestyle. The case itself is well made and comes with a screen cover, but the real magic of this design is in its four nodes on the back of the case. These nubs allow you to customize the case to fit almost any situation.

    The ModulR website states, “Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position, and adapt the iPad to your needs – whatever they are.”

    The case and cover sell for $49 and the accessories are well priced as well. If you’ve ever wished you could put a strap on your iPad, but didn’t now where to get one, then the shoulder strap for $14.99 is right up your alley. There is also a Quick Stand for $19, a Hand Strap for $14.99, and a Slim Mount that lets you mount your iPad to the wall for $29. All of the accessories are well made and feel like they’ll withstand the rigors of daily life.

    Source: ModulR
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